Introducing the Onyx Avanti Electric Fire Collection

Designed to offer unparalleled visuals, mood-enhancing ambience and intuitive control, this extraordinary electric fire delivers an unforgettable experience.

July 21, 2021     Dan

Introducing the Onyx Avanti Electric Fire Collection

Introducing the Onyx Avanti Electric Fire Collection

Designed to offer unparalleled visuals, mood-enhancing ambience and intuitive control, this extraordinary electric fire delivers an unforgettable experience.

July 21, 2021     Dan

Our heritage designing and engineering industry-leading flame effect fires enabled us to truly understand what was needed to create an ultra-realistic electric fire. And this formed the baseline for the Avanti’s design.

Create your perfect flame

Onyx Avanti 190RW Electric fire

At the heart of the Avanti is its Chromalight Plus technology. Comprising a series of powerful lighting systems, the Avanti’s display technology provides layer upon layer of visual effects. Each combine to create the aura of a captivating log fire, or if the mood takes you – something more.

To create a deep three-dimensional display, flame visuals are projected to appear as though they rise from between the Avanti’s log effects. Two independent flame LED arrays can enjoyed simultaneously or separately depending on your mood.

When it comes to flame effects, two independent flame systems not only create a more impressive display, they offer greater control over this designer electric fire’s visuals.

Combining the Avanti’s primary and secondary flames creates a lively visual, with one flame accented by the other. Looking to wind down? Relax with just one flame visual and glowing embers, capturing the look and ambience of a dying fire.

For complete control, both flame speed and brightness can be adjusted to tailor the display to your mood. And should you be in the mood for something a little different, primary and secondary flames can be set to a palette of vibrant shades that can be blended and contrasted.

Ultra-realistic logs

One of the most important aspects of the Avanti’s display is the choice of log-effects. To ensure they would be almost indistinguishable from the actual wood, we gathered real oak and silver birch logs from nearby our leafy Devon-based Research & Development laboratories.

Using high performance cameras and state of the art 3D mapping, we were able to capture every detail of the bark texture and grain and recreate them with precision manufacturing techniques. No two logs are the same and both the Split Oak and optional Silver Birch log sets look as though they have been chopped and stacked only moments before being placed on the fire.

Onyx Avanti 190RW Electric fire

Dynamic lighting systems

Bringing the Avanti electric fire range’s log effects to life, multiple lighting systems bathe them in dynamic lighting – to recreate the natural and ever changing glow of a real wood fire.

Nestled in front of the larger Oak or Silver Birch logs, specially designed Burnt Ember Logs give the impression of a fire burning for several hours.  But this is not their only purpose. Their charred exterior houses a powerful array of rear-facing LEDs that project a slowly intensifying and dimming glow on the larger Oak and Silver Birch logs, as if they are radiant with heat.

Glimmering through the ember effects and illuminating the logs from below, the Avanti electric fire’s ember bed up-lighting recreates the intimacy of a flickering hearth. A combination of ash-dusted glass and lava rock let the ember lighting shine through in places, glowing and darkening like a living ember bed.

Choose your mood

Onyx Avanti 150RW Electric fire

Like the Avanti’s dual flame effects, all of the lighting systems can be set to a gamut of different colours, creating anything from the natural tones of a log fire to a stunningly contemporary display. Each lighting system within this electric fire can be set to matching or contrasting shades to create a truly bespoke focal point. Easily lock any of the visual effects to set colours or a gradually changing Spectrum mode. This designer electric fire’s main flames, down-lighting and ember bed up-lighting can all be synchronised using either the MyFlame app or remote control.

Countless lighting and flame combinations provide almost unlimited freedom to create a bespoke display. Once you’ve got your perfect visuals dialled in, you can save them in one the Avanti’s three memory slots where they can be quickly access via the electric fire’s app or remote control. Six stunning presets, ranging from natural to vibrantly contemporary, are permanently saved in the Avanti’s memory to quick-start your electric fire whenever you need instant ambience.

Atmosphere beyond the fireplace

To amplify the Avanti’s presence this contemporary electric fire can be upgraded with powerful mood lighting systems that create additional ambience in your home. Avanti electric fires support up to six metres of LED strips providing a wealth of installation options. The Optional Mood Lighting Kit includes an LED strip that can be installed around a TV, under or over shelves or anywhere it can be fitted. Controllable with either the Avanti app or handset, the mood lighting kit integrates seamlessly with your Avanti’s own lighting systems.

Onyx Avanti 150RW Electric fire

Convenient control

Each Avanti electric fire comes with both app and handset remote control systems, both of which let you control all of the core visual and heating functions. Thermostatic heating can be easily configured by selecting between 15oC and 25oC on either the handset or app, and this electric fire’s 2kW heater will adjust its power to reach the desired level as efficiently as possible. Alternatively, turn off the heat entirely to enjoy the Avanti’s visuals all year-round.

Designed from the ground up to be controlled via a smart phone or tablet device, the Avanti’s MyFlame app unlocks the full potential of this extraordinary electric fire. Compatible with mobile devices on both iOS or Android smart devices – the MyFlame app gives you all the functionality of the included remote control and more. All settings are clearly displayed on your smart device’s screen, giving you precision control over the Avanti’s Chromalight® Plus LED systems. Brightness and flame speed are easily adjustable thanks to the app’s slider controls.

The Avanti’s app also lets you easily program your electric fire to provide up to four different heating schedules with room to save up to three weekly programs. Flames and lighting visuals can also be scheduled if desired.

Your Avanti, Your Way

Onyx Avanti 110RW Milazzo Suite

Designed to work with your style and interior décor, Onyx Avanti electric fires are available in three sizes ranging from the mid-sized 110RW to the nearly two metre wide 190RW. All models can be configured in a variety of ways to create a bespoke electric fireplace in your home, including single-sided, two-sided corner or three-sided electric fire formats.

For a quick and easy fitting, the Avanti 110RW can be installed with our stylish Milazzo Suite. Constructed from high quality steel, the Milazzo suite is a range of modular suite components that let you easily create your dream electric fireplace.

Designed to provide a ‘flat-wall-fix’, the Milazzo’s modular design can be tailored to create a floating or floor-to-ceiling electric fire installation that fits flat against a wall, with white or grey colourways that can be mixed and matched to suit your style.

Where can I buy an Avanti Electric Fire?

Avanti electric fires are exclusively available through our Onyx Retailer Network. These trusted retailers will be able to show you Avanti electric fires running in their showroom, and provide a complete demonstration of this remarkable fire’s features. Locate your nearest retailer here.

July 21, 2021     Dan

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