Different styles of luxury fireplaces from Onyx

The allure of a warm, inviting home is irresistible. Within the heart of such a sanctuary lies the fireplace, a traditional symbol of comfort and gathering.

March 22, 2024     Annabelle Carvell

Different styles of luxury fireplaces from Onyx

Different styles of luxury fireplaces from Onyx

The allure of a warm, inviting home is irresistible. Within the heart of such a sanctuary lies the fireplace, a traditional symbol of comfort and gathering.

March 22, 2024     Annabelle Carvell

Our diverse range of luxury fireplaces – from sleek inset electric fires to the captivating hanging Orbit electric fire – caters to every aesthetic and functional need. Whether you’re drawn to the traditional warmth of a gas log burner or the innovative design of our hanging models, Onyx offers sophisticated solutions that elevate your living space. Let us guide you through the different styles of luxury fireplaces we proudly offer, each designed to blend seamlessly with contemporary interior styles while providing the warmth and ambience you crave.

Inset electric fires

When it comes to adding warmth, style, and a focal point to your living space, inset electric fires offer a sleek and modern solution. Here at Onyx, we are proud to offer two standout models that redefine what it means to incorporate an electric fire into your home.

Onyx Fusion and Onyx Avanti are inset electric fires designed not just to blend seamlessly into your décor but to enhance it, offering sophisticated technology and stunning visuals that can transform any room into a cosy retreat or an elegant entertaining space.

The Fusion model is a marvel of adaptability and aesthetic appeal. It can be installed as a single-sided, two-sided corner, or three-sided electric fire, allowing for flexibility in design and placement. With its lifelike Birch log-effect, customisable lighting options, and the ability to control from your smartphone, the Fusion is a testament to the possibilities of modern electric fire technology.

Onyx Fusion electric fire

Equally impressive, Avanti electric fires provide a range of installation options, from one, two, or three-sided displays, allowing for a personalised touch to your living environment and a variety of potential configurations beyond a classic inset electric fire installation.

The Avanti stands out with its Chromalight® Plus Designer LED System, offering multiple flame options and adjustable flame speed, alongside a variety of lighting colours. This model combines practicality with allure, featuring up to 2kW of thermostatic heating and the convenience of app or handset controls.
Both models are equipped with Ecodesign Energy Saving Features, ensuring that your stylish addition also meets your lifestyle and schedule.

Onyx Avanti 150RW electric fire.

Fires that are perfect for a media wall

A media wall represents a contemporary design solution that integrates entertainment and heating elements into one seamless, aesthetically pleasing feature wall. Typically, it combines a fireplace with spaces for a television and possibly other media components or decorative items, creating a central focal point in the living space. This modern approach not only maximises room functionality but also enhances the overall ambience and visual appeal of the area.

Onyx Avanti 150RW electric fire and Logscape real logs.

The Fusion and Avanti electric fires by Onyx stand out as the perfect companions for a media wall setup. The Fusion electric fire is especially suited to a 50” – 65” TV, whilst the Avanti electric fire range is suited for anything from a 43” TV media wall, to a much larger 75” TV media wall. Their versatility and advanced technology make them ideal for incorporation into these modern installations, blending entertainment and comfort with unparalleled style.

Modern gas stove

The Onyx Liv 3 gas stove stands as a beacon of modern heating technology and design, masterfully blending the sleek, clean lines characteristic of Scandinavian styling with cutting-edge functionality. This sophisticated cylindrical gas stove is not just a source of warmth but a statement piece that adds poise and allure to any interior. Designed to create an unmistakably contemporary centrepiece in your home, the Liv 3 captivates with its stunningly realistic flames and log effect, housed within an elegantly minimalist exterior.

Onyx Liv 3 modern gas stove

With a heat output range from 2.1 up to 4.5kW, the Liv 3 can comfortably warm a variety of spaces, making it a versatile choice for homeowners that want a modern gas stove. Its high efficiency ratings speak to Onyx’s commitment to performance, while control and convenience make for a fully-sequential thermostatic remote control that allows users to adjust the heat output from anywhere in the room. This user-friendly interface ensures that your comfort is always within reach.

The Liv 3 is further enhanced by its EchoFlame Black Glass lining, which amplifies the visual depth of the flames, creating an even more immersive viewing experience. This feature, combined with the naturalistic log effect, provides a mesmerising spectacle from a Scandinavian-inspired modern gas stove.

Modern gas log burner

The Onyx Avanti Gas fire series redefines the essence of the modern gas log burner, merging elegant design with cutting-edge functionality to create an unparalleled heating solution for contemporary homes.

Onyx Avanti Gas. Modern gas log burner

These luxurious inset gas fires are characterised by their sleek exteriors, which allow them to blend seamlessly into a wide array of interior styles, from the minimalist to the avant-garde.

Avanti gas fires command attention, not just as sources of warmth, but as mesmerising focal points that enrich the living space with a striking presence. The heart of this allure lies in their picturesque fireboxes, which offer a breathtaking visual experience.

Onyx Avanti 65 Gas

Available in two sizes, the Avanti 65 and Avanti 85, these gas fireplaces cater to diverse spatial and heating needs while ensuring high performance. The Avanti 65 delivers up to 4.5kW of heat output, with an efficiency of 78.4%, whereas the larger Avanti 85 steps up the warmth with a 5.4kW heat output and an efficiency of 77.9%.

The inclusion of the EchoFlame™ Black Glass Lining enhances the visual depth of the fire, creating a more intense and captivating flame picture that is sure to draw the eye. The realism of an Avanti gas fire is further accentuated by the hand-painted Split Oak Log-effect, which offers an authentic wood fire appearance without the maintenance.

Hanging fireplace

Looking for an uber modern hanging log burner? The Onyx Orbit hanging electric fire embodies innovative design and atmospheric warmth, creating a breathtaking suspended centrepiece in any room.

This ceiling-hung marvel offers a panoramic view of an exposed flame effect and lifelike oak log-effect, designed to captivate and enchant from almost every angle. Its pendant aesthetic makes the Orbit exceptionally suited to open living spaces, seamlessly integrating with both flat and vaulted ceilings to elevate the ambience of modern interiors.

Onyx Orbit Electric

As a testament to its versatility, the Orbit can be enjoyed with or without heat, making it a year-round feature that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living space without necessarily adding warmth. For those moments when a cosy atmosphere is desired, it offers up to 1.5kW heat output, sufficient to take the chill off a room especially when used as a method of zonal heating.

One of the Orbit hanging electric fire’s most striking features is its ability to rotate up to 340°, allowing homeowners to alter the fireplace’s viewing aspect to suit their current seating arrangement or design preference. This functionality, combined with its open-fronted aesthetic, ensures that the Orbit is not just a source of warmth, but a dynamic element of home décor.

Designed with practicality in mind, the Orbit comes with a bracket option for flat ceilings and a fully adjustable bracket for vaulted or angled ceilings, ensuring it can be installed in a variety of settings. To accommodate varying ceiling heights, 0.8m and 1.6m flue pipe length options are available, with a flue joining connector offered for extending the flue length as needed.

The inclusion of a thermostatic eco handset adds a layer of convenience and control, allowing users to adjust settings effortlessly for optimal comfort. In essence, the Onyx Orbit hanging electric fireplace offers an unparalleled blend of design and functionality.

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March 22, 2024     Annabelle Carvell

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