Onyx Luxury Logscape

Real woodland log set for Avanti electric fires

Bring the outdoors in with the Onyx Luxury Logscape – a real log fuel bed set, available for all sizes across the premium Onyx Avanti electric fire range.

The Luxury Logscape Features:

Hand-assembled log arrangement
Real hardwood log pieces sourced from woodland in South West of England
Complimentary loose embers for tailoring the look
Quick and easy installation
Compatible with the Avanti’s range of lighting systems and effects*
*The hidden log lighting system of the Avanti is not compatible when the real log set is in place.

Stock log effect New Luxury Logscape

Nature’s tapestry meets tomorrow’s technology

Fuelled by our heritage and decades of woodburning expertise, the Onyx Luxury Logscape is a real woodland log set made up of authentic British hardwood, sourced from the South West.

Natural Bark Chippings

Enhanced by natural bark chippings and hand-assembled in the optimal arrangement, this Logscape brings the electric experience to life, and evokes your wildest memories.

Tailor the Look

To further augment your finished Logscape, the included loose embers that come with the product can be scattered to personalise the display to your individual tastes.

Translucent Resin Base

The translucent resin base allows our advanced Chromalight® Plus LED System to illuminate the display from below, creating a captivating display that mimics the glow of a real ember bed.

Straightforward Installation

The Logscape can be fitted into your electric fire with ease. With a simple installation process involving little more than the straightforward removal of screws, it is ultra easy to fit into your new Avanti.

Real Logs, Real Memories

The beauty and aesthetic of the real log fuel bed is brought to life by the advanced flame and lighting effects of the Avanti. Your fire’s built-in down-lighting bathes the Logscape in a range of hues to exhibit every detail.

Three-Dimensional Display

The Luxury Logscape is further accentuated by the Avanti’s reflective lining, which projects the fire’s dual flames between the logs and their reflection, adding depth and completing the effect of a real woodburning fire.

Onyx Luxury Logscape

Available for the following products.

Onyx Avanti Electric Fires

Bringing together 40 years of British design and engineering, the Onyx Avanti Electric range delivers the new ultimate in electric fire innovation. Now available with the Onyx Luxury Logscape – a real woodland log set made up of authentic British split hardwood, sourced from the South West. Also available as a gas version.

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