The convenience of owning an electric fire

If you’re looking for a new heating appliance for your home, there are lots of reasons why you may want to consider an electric fire.

November 9, 2021     Chris Connick

Part of the Onyx product range, the luxurious Onyx Avanti Electric fire range delivers all the beautiful fireside ambience you could need, with only a mains power socket required to get up and running.

Ease of installation

Configurable as a single, corner, or three-sided electric fire to suit your requirements, an electric fire such as the Onyx Avanti 190RW Electric fire can offer a straightforward installation. Offering beautiful visual effects and realistic glowing fuel-effects, which can all be enjoyed independently of the heat output, these spectacular electric fires offer a brilliant alternative for homes where a solid fuel or gas appliance isn’t an option. With no flue or chimney needed, an Onyx Avanti Electric fire can be a cost-effective way of achieving fireside ambience and warmth without needing a real fireplace.

Tailor the look

Most electric fires offer options for tailoring the look, and the Onyx Avanti Electric fire range is no different. With Onyx’s advanced Chromalight® Plus technology taking the available choice of lighting options to all-new heights, these contemporary electric fires have been engineered for ambience.

Featuring two independent flame effects, a choice of ember bed-up lighting colours, log lighting, and downlighting, Onyx Avanti Electric fires allow you to create the perfect ambience. Either opt for set colours for each effect, or choose the spectrum mode for a gradually rotating colour palette. Offering convenient control using the Programmable Thermostatic Eco Remote control, or the handy app, you can even synchronise the various flame and lighting effects to complement each other. Once you’ve found your perfect settings, simply save it for easy access later on.

To take the ambient effect to the max, the optional Mood Lighting Kit is available for all fires in the Onyx Avanti range allows you to bring a choice of vibrant colours to other areas of your living room. Perfect for fitting around a TV media wall, or underneath shelves, these innovative lighting strips can bring added ambience to other areas of your living room.

Programmable Thermostatic heating

It’s not just creating the perfect ambience that the Onyx Avanti excels at. Using the Thermostatic Eco Remote control, these designer electric fires also allow you to control the heat output by simply setting your desired room temperature and letting your Avanti electric fire do the rest. With a simple to use daily and weekly scheduling system, you can easily set your Avanti electric fire to automatically turn on or off at set times to heat your room ready for you to enjoy.

For more information on the Onyx Avanti Electric fire range or to see them on display, please visit your local Onyx retailer to discover these incredible electric fires for yourself.


Other Electric Fires in the Stovax Heating Group

Gazco Chesterfield 5 Electric stoveThe Stovax Heating Group also have many other options available for those looking for a new electric stove or fire, whether traditional or contemporary. Gazco’s wide range of stunning built-in electric fires and stoves are all developed with state-of-the-art technology in our research and development laboratories. Models such as the Gazco Chesterfield 5 Electric stove offer a range of stunning flame effects and fuel bed colours via Chromalight® LED technology, housed within a substantial metal body that’s designed to look as authentic as a real log burner.
For more information, please speak to your local Gazco retailer.

November 9, 2021     Chris Connick

The Onyx Liv 3 is the first gas log burner to join our luxury collection of designer fires and stoves.

Onyx Avanti electric fire

We’re delighted that the Onyx Avanti electric fire has been nominated for the Real Homes Awards, so soon after this exciting new brand’s launch. Read on to find out more.

Add some contemporary class to your home with a beautiful new Avanti Gas landscape fire delivering modern elegance and convenience.