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You can easily control the Avanti’s full range of features from your smart phone or tablet using the Avanti app. This easy-to-use app will unlock the full potential of this incredible electric fire.

Depending on whether you have an Apple or Android device, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and locate the Avanti’s app by searching for MUS FLAME.
Download and open the app on your smart device.
Once downloaded, you will need to sign in and register for an account by entering your email address. You will then receive a verification code by email.
Enter the verification code and select “Add device”. Then choose option A on the following screen.
Enter your Wi-Fi network and password and click Next. You have now download the app and are ready to pair the app with your Avanti. For a step-by-step guide for how to do this, watch our short video below.
Set up multiple users. Step by step guide.

Convenient Control

The Avanti App will allow you to adjust the Avanti’s array of Chromalight® Plus visuals and convenient heating settings.

Main Flame and Flame Palette

The Avanti’s primary and secondary flames can be independently set to eight different colours or the Spectrum Mode, a rolling cycle that gradually transitions through all colours. Speed and brightness can be tailored to create a bespoke visual.

Glowing Embers

Beneath the logs and ember effects, the Avanti’s up-lighting LEDs can be set to eight colours to either match or contrast with the flames. Like the flames, there is also a Spectrum Mode to cycle through each colour as well as adjustable brightness for all settings.

Natural Log Lighting

Burnt Ember Logs illuminate the Avanti’s Oak or Silver Birch log effects, and feature 12 colours and a Spectrum Mode setting with adjustable brightness.


Hidden in the top of the Avanti’s firebox are discreet down lighting LEDs which bathe the fuel effects in eight different hues to either match or contrast with the Avanti’s other settings, adding to the immersion.

Synchronised Visuals

The Avanti’s Sync feature lets you synchronise the Ember bed up-lighting and down-lighting with the Main Flame colour, to easily create a corresponding display.

Quick Start Pre-sets

Need instant ambience? Select from any of the Avanti’s six stunning pre-sets ranging from natural to contemporary. You can also save up to three custom combinations with your preferred settings for easy access.

Optional Mood Lighting

Effortlessly control the Avanti’s optional Mood Lighting system using either the remote control or Avanti app. Choose from 13 different colours or the gradually changing Spectrum mode to transition through each colour.

Thermostatic Heating

Choose your preferred room temperature and the Avanti does the rest for you. Select between 15°C and 25°C and the fire’s 2kW heater will adjust its power to reach the desired level as efficiently as possible. Turn off the heat entirely to enjoy the Avanti’s visuals during the warmer months.

Adaptive Start Control

Adaptive Start allows the Avanti to automatically turn on up to 45 minutes in advance of a pre-set time to reach the desired room temperature, ready for when you sit down and relax.

Open Window Detection

Should ambient room temperatures drop by 4°C within a space of five minutes, like when a window is opened, the Avanti’s heater will automatically turn off to save energy. Heating can be easily resumed with the remote control or app.

Timers and Scheduling

As well as a basic timer function, the Avanti also allows you to programme individual day and weekly schedules for both flames and heat. Simply set your start time and end time, and which weekdays you’d like the programme to repeat on, and let your Avanti do the rest, providing warmth or ambience exactly when you want it.

Ecodesign Compliant

The Avanti’s innovative energy saving features make it compliant with stringent Ecodesign energy product standards.

Download the Avanti app for iOS or Android

iOS     Android