Onyx Avanti Features in Roxi and Matt’s Lounge Transformation

We spoke to YouTubers Roxi and Matt about their renovation project, in which they’ve chosen the Onyx Avanti 190RW electric fire as the centrepiece.

January 26, 2023     Chris Connick

Tell us a bit more about your home project and your style.

Our aim was to create a modern cosy environment that we could enjoy and relax in as well as have a good atmosphere for when we have guests over. There are hints of a combination of styles including Scandinavian, industrial and modern.

What fire have you had installed?

We had the Onyx Avanti 190RW electric fire installed and we love it.

Where did you get the fire installed in your home, and why that location?

We had the fire installed in our lounge because that’s where we spend most of our time and the centre room of the house.

What do you love most about your new fire?

We love that it changes the dynamic of the room, the fire is many things including being beautiful, modern and sleek as well as being realistic but the effect it has on the room and our own mood is the best part. 

What’s your favourite feature of the remote control or app?

Our favourite feature of the Onyx Avanti 190RW has got to be the ability to create our own scenes in detail and save them as presets for later use.

What was the greatest challenge when undergoing your renovation?

We didn’t run into any challenges we couldn’t overcome, but supply chain issues and longer wait times does seem to effect many renovations at the moment.

Why is it important to you to have a fireplace?

It’s very therapeutic to have a fireplace and helps me unwind in the evenings.

Any tips for other people renovating?

When the fireplace is delivered, don’t stand on the pallet whilst trying to lift the fireplace off the pallet without cutting the straps first. It won’t move.

January 26, 2023     Chris Connick

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