Introducing the Onyx Fusion: the epitome of electric fire realism

Transform your living room with a stunning new Onyx Fusion electric fire, fusing luxury design with crisp visual technology for an unparalleled atmosphere.

November 20, 2023     Isabella Lea Wurzbach

We are thrilled to introduce the Onyx Fusion 150RW electric fire, a game-changer in the world of modern fireplaces! With its stunning visual technology and innovative features, the Fusion is set to transform your living space, offering a luxurious centrepiece ideal for impressive media walls.

We’re delighted to announce that the Fusion is now available to purchase through our network of Approved Onyx Retailers.

Authentic Flame Technology

At the heart of the Onyx Fusion 150RW is our breathtaking Authentic Flame Technology. This crystal-clear display uses real flame imagery and offers an array of settings, from a traditional, flickering fire with sparks and wisps of smoke above, through to an elegant, swaying flame reminiscent of a gas fire and more contemporary, vivid flame effects. With an array of customisable visuals, you can set the perfect ambience for your home and mood.

Our Chromalight® Plus LED system is subtly integrated into the fire, bringing the Fusion to life. Lifelike Birch Log-effects glow from within to enhance the fire’s authenticity, with a crystalline textured base illuminating them from underneath for a mesmerising effect.

Personalised Ambience

Customisation is key with the Fusion. There are various flame effects, log lighting and fuel bed colours, downlighting, and brightness levels to create the perfect atmosphere. There is an array of colour options, including a spectrum mode to gradually transition through all colours. For instant ambience, there are six stunning pre-sets, and space for an additional three custom combinations for easy access to your preferred settings.

The optional Mood Lighting System, offering up to six metres of flexible LED strips, adds another layer of elegance, extending your desired lighting into your room; ideal for creating an impressive media wall.

Onyx Fusion 150RW electric fire

Effortless Control

Both the thermostatic remote and our innovative app allow for effortless management of the Fusion’s vast array of features. From selecting your favourite visual effects to programming handy heating schedules, the Fusion’s functionality is at your fingertips, allowing precise control from the comfort of your sofa.

Efficient and Versatile Heating

Ecodesign energy saving features such as Open Window Detection, Adaptive Start Control and Daily and Weekly Heating Schedules, ensure a high energy efficiency. The flame effects can be enjoyed with or without the heat, so you can enjoy the Fusion all year round!

Multiple Installation Options

The Fusion offers versatile installation options, accommodating single-sided, two-sided corner, and panoramic three-sided setups. Its slim design is ideal for those with space-conscious interiors, and it pairs perfectly with 50”-65” televisions for stunning media wall focal points.

Where to find Onyx Fusion Electric Fires

Onyx Fusion electric fires are available now exclusively from your local Onyx retailer’s showroom. Find your nearest Onyx retailer here.

November 20, 2023     Isabella Lea Wurzbach

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