Introducing the Onyx Orbit Hanging Electric Fire

The Onyx Orbit is an exciting new electric fire designed to offer an out-of-this-world fireside experience.

July 6, 2022     Chris Connick

Introducing the Onyx Orbit Hanging Electric Fire

Introducing the Onyx Orbit Hanging Electric Fire

The Onyx Orbit is an exciting new electric fire designed to offer an out-of-this-world fireside experience.

July 6, 2022     Chris Connick

Brand new to the Onyx range, Orbit ceiling mounted electric fires defy the norm with a floating presence and ultra-contemporary styling – with, or without the heat. If you’re looking for a designer centrepiece combining an ultra-contemporary floating aesthetic with the convenience of electric heat and ambience that can be tailored to your mood, these hanging fireplaces are the perfect choice.

Views from almost any angle

Suited to open living spaces and making a statement in homes with flat, vaulted, or angled ceilings, Onyx Orbit hanging electric fires offer an expansive view of the exposed flame effect and lifelike oak logs. Thanks to the elliptical open-fronted design of this stunning electric fire, the Orbit delivers wide panoramic flame views.

What’s more, once installed the Orbit can be rotated up to 340° for altering the viewing aspect to suit your preferred angle, meaning the perfect view is never far away.

Versatile installation options

The Onyx Orbit electric fire hangs from an aluminium decorative flue pipe fitted to the ceiling mounting bracket, which also conceals the power cable for the Orbit. The flue pipe is available in 0.8 metre, and 1.6 metre lengths available to suit different ceiling heights, and multiple lengths can be connected using a joining connector as required.

For enhanced installation into homes with vaulted or angled ceilings, a fully adjustable bracket option allows for mounting the Onyx Orbit onto a ceiling up to a 60° angle.

Tailor the ambience

The Onyx Orbit’s authentic oak log fuel effect is complemented by a range of stunning lighting effects powered by impressive Chromalight technology. Three flame colours including amber, amber with blue accent, or blue allow you to pick the one that suits your mood.

Immersive fuel bed lighting illuminates the glass burnt ember pieces and logs from below, creating an authentic and varied glowing ember effect to complete the log fire aesthetic. Whether you opt to recreate the realistic hues of a real log fire, or something totally different, a choice of 13 varied fuel bed lighting colours, or a spectrum mode mean you can go wherever the mood takes you.

Skirting along the inside of the Orbit’s interior is the integrated mood lighting, which tailors your experience further by providing 13 colours or a spectrum mode, to either complement or contrast with the flames and fuel bed lighting.

Convenient control

For manual control, the Onyx Orbit offers time-illuminated touch buttons providing easy access to the basic functions like putting your fire into standby mode, and cycling through the many flame, fuel bed and mood lighting colours available.

For more advanced functions such as setting timers for heating, the Orbit comes equipped with our innovative thermostatic eco handset, which provides full control over everything this hanging electric fire has to offer. A built in thermostat means you can simply set your desired room temperature and let your electric fire do the rest, or opt for no heat at all and enjoy just the lighting effects on their own.

Where to find Onyx Orbit Electric Fires?

Onyx Orbit electric fires are available now exclusively from your local Onyx retailer’s showroom. Find your nearest Onyx retailer here.

July 6, 2022     Chris Connick

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