Onyx Avanti ultimate luxury media walls

Have you heard the term “media wall” when looking for an electric fire and aren't sure what it is? In this post we explain the idea behind it, and why the Onyx Avanti Electric Fire range makes such a great choice.

July 21, 2021     Chris Connick

You’ve no doubt heard of a feature wall in home interior design lingo. It’s something that feels like it’s been around forever. Well, the concept of a media wall is similar, but a rather more recent trend.

What is a media wall?

At its core, the idea behind a media wall is to create a bespoke centrepiece to capture the attention of people when they enter the room. It’s typically a full wall installation, using the full available width and height. By creating a bespoke stud wall framework on top of the existing wall, you can wall mount a television, build in integrated storage space like shelves and drawers, and most importantly leave space for a built-in electric fire for that hole-in-the-wall look which many strive for.

Introducing the Onyx Avanti Electric Fire range

When looking for an inset electric fire to feature front and centre of your media wall, look no further than the Onyx Avanti Electric Fire range. Available in three different sizes, each of these luxury electric fires features state-of-the-art technology, incredibly realistic flame visuals, and a choice of fuel effect options. What’s more they’re even available with the optional Mood Lighting System for next level ambience. Learn more about the Onyx Avanti Electric Fire range here.

What else do you need to consider before undertaking a media wall project?

Onyx Avanti 150RW Electric fire

Television Size

Many of the best media walls incorporate a television, but what you might not realise is size matters! After all, if you’re integrating storage into your media wall framework, it’s likely you’ll want your TV centred, with shelves, cupboards and drawers either side, or perhaps above and below. If so, depending on the size of your wall and width available, you’re only going to have a certain space to allow for your TV in the centre.

Therefore, if you think you might like to upgrade to a larger TV in the future, this is something you may want to think about doing before you start planning the dimensions of your media wall. Alternatively as long as you know the dimensions of the TV, you can factor this into your design plan.

Peripheral Devices

For the ultimate media wall, you may want to allow room for extra peripherals such as speaker systems, set top boxes, games consoles and more. Don’t forget to account for these in your plan and provide space to accommodate these. For example, you may choose to place games consoles on a shelf to the side of your TV or perhaps in a cupboard underneath but wherever you decide, remember to consider cable management.

Onyx Avanti 150RW Electric fire

Cable Management

When it comes to electronic appliances, the last thing you want are cables everywhere cluttering up your up your fancy new media wall. That’s why it’s important to plan where you’ll be situating your devices and leave a route through which you can channel cables out of sight to wherever they need to go, like the TV. For power cables you may consider installing some plug sockets in handy reach of your devices.

Want to incorporate an electric fire in your media wall?

It’s very on trend to incorporate a luxury electric fire such as the Onyx Avanti 190RW into your media wall. Available in three sizes, these deluxe electric fires offer superior flame visuals thanks to their Chromalight® Plus Designer LED system which combines a range of mesmerising effects to create the ambience you desire. What’s more is that all of this can be enjoyed without any heat, perfect for when it’s warm enough but you’d just like some added ambience. To maximise the level of ambience, Onyx Avanti electric fires can be upgraded with a powerful mood lighting system to bring added ambience to other areas of your installation. The Avanti Mood Lighting System can be installed around a TV or along shelves to enhance your electric fire’s glow and provide atmospheric mood lighting controlled with either the Avanti app or handset.

Find out more about the Onyx Avanti Electric Fire range here.


For more information and advice on choosing the perfect electric fire for your media wall project, speak to your local retailer today.


July 21, 2021     Chris Connick

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