Introducing… the Onyx Liv 3 Gas Stove

The Onyx Liv 3 is the first gas log burner to join our luxury collection of designer fires and stoves.

November 2, 2021     Annabelle Carvell

Brand new to the Onyx collection of premium stoves and fires is the Onyx Liv 3 gas stove. If you are looking for a contemporary and elegant stove with a sleek cylindrical design, plus a fully integrated control system, this appliance makes the perfect choice.

Onyx Liv 3 Gas Stove

Integrated Control System

The Onyx Liv 3 gas stove features an integrated control system. This means that you can control ignition, flame adjustment and heat output all from the comfort of your favourite chair. With the handset that comes with this gas log burner, you can set the Liv 3 to thermostatically maintain your desired room temperature, allowing you to enjoy the ambience of realistic flames with complete ease.

Views from almost anywhere in the room

The beauty of its cylindrical design means the Onyx Liv 3’s realistic flame and log effects can be enjoyed from almost any angle in your living space. Long front and side panels make it possible for a 180° view of a relaxing lazy fire.

Onyx Liv 3 Gas Stove

A gas stove with realistic logs

At Onyx, we pride ourselves on creating premium appliances with the highest quality and attention to detail. The Liv 3 gas stove is no exception, with its life-like log effect and tall dancing flames.

Installation options

The Onyx Liv 3 gas log burner collection comes in conventional flue and balanced flue versions. This means it can be installed in homes with or without a chimney. Balanced flue gas fires and stoves work with glass-fronted appliances like the Liv 3, where the appliance is completely sealed from the room in which it is installed. The balanced flue log burner has a twin-wall pipe which vents directly outdoors – the inner pipe removes any combustion gases, and the outer pipe draws in air for combustion. This means you do not need to have an existing chimney in your home for the Liv 3, and with its top or rear flue exit, it can exit horizontally through an external wall, or vertically.

The conventional flue version of this log burner is also compatible with an optional linerless flue kit, which allows you to install into an existing masonry chimney without the need for a flue liner.

Onyx Liv 3 Gas Stove

Exceptional brand support

With every Onyx product, you are choosing more than a fire or stove. Onyx is proud to offer the very best in British design and innovation, backed with excellent aftersales support. For this reason, the beautiful Onyx Liv 3 gas log burner can only be found at Approved Onyx Retailers – find your nearest showroom here.

November 2, 2021     Annabelle Carvell

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